My mother fell on the Net with my Best Friend

I'm ashamed to go out on the street in my neighborhood

My mother fell on the net with My Best Friend. I can hardly go outside without being embarrassed for fear the acquaintances have attended. I am an only child and live only with my mother, a young 36 years, well cared for and beautiful. I might even say that she is hot, with the forgiveness of the word because I know that this is repulsive. She is the manager of a companhia de seguros, a very busy woman and stressed at times of so much work. I work during the day and I go to college at night. I have a beautiful girlfriend but I like watch porn. I participate in several groups of putaria without the girlfriend know, nor do I let her get my cell phone if she does not give a shit.

Everyone has a brother who's coming in and everything. This my brother, Rogério is always at my house, Mom wants him well. He treats him like a son because he's a good bitch. Always gives a force in what you need.

Sometimes my brother goes home when I'm not. I never called things because it's like family. My video on porn gave me a blow that almost lost my mind.

All those groups of whatsapp of putaria and behold it arrives to me the best friend of house riveting my mother of four in her room. What the fuck is that?!?!?

Son of a bitch eating my mother and still filmed and spread on the whatsapp.