My Hot Stepmom Stepmother

My Stepmother Steals Hot Infidel

My Stepmother

If my father finds out I do not know what he would do. My old man has a new one. wife which by the way very naughty. My old man is no longer at full steam and she turned her eyes to me.

My stepmother after a few years married began to subtly turn a blind eye to me. It got warmer and hotter. After being unemployed, she spent a lot of time at home. That's where it all started.

With sorry to organize the house she went to attend my room more and more using the excuse that wanted to clean.

One day she did it again, but this time with very sexy clothes at ease. As if she did not want anything, she approached me and it happened.

I was very shy about the situation, and I did not know what to do, especially when it came to my father's wife. If it were any other woman, anything would happen naturally. That day she gave her attack on me, giving me a grip on my already hard cock. She pushed me up onto the bed and began caressing me. There was no way and the whore rolled.

After the first time it became frequent. Whenever she had a chance outside my bedroom to satisfy the desire for sex that my dad could not quench.

The video above is the result of one of these situations. I left my cell phone hidden in the living room and I was in my underwear waiting in the morning. I already knew that naughty stepmother would appear, and gave no other.

The result of this slap is recorded in the video. Good fun!